Family 5K

Monday afternoon. Warm and sunny. The family rolled out into the hood for a super mellow and easy 5K on the pavement on the neighborhood roads. I think that is the warmest temperature in which our boy has run, so he was not used to being that warm. Nice and easy – off to Indiana tomorrow.


Weekend of Little Bike Rides

Looking towards a bigger week of running in Indiana, so using that as an excuse to poke around this weekend. I rode ten miles easy with my boy on Saturday between a little bike path loop and riding to a little picnic. Sunday, we did another ten miles or so together. Then, twice during the afternoon, I pedaled easy up to NCAR to enjoy the sweeping descent. So, I guess that’s about a total of thirty easy for the weekend. Feeling good and keeping it mellow.

Gimme Pavement

5.2 mi. – 47 min. – 390′

I didn’t plan to stick to concrete. I headed out in the late afternoon just looking for easy miles. Without thinking I ended up doing some of the same pavement as the last two days. A couple of miles in I realized it, but left at it as I wasn’t psyched about getting into the mud for just a few miles. If I’m only doing five miles today I’m fine doing it off the slop. When it’s less than an hour it’s tough to embrace the junk. A little chilly out there with some snowflakes around.

Also rolled ten miles on the bike with the work commute. The five miles home was interesting with snow in the face and cold spray from the street.

More Pavement in the Hood

5.0 mi. – 42 min. – 340′

Pretty much the same deal as yesterday. Went out after work but didn’t want to fight the sloppy trails. Pavement ain’t ideal, but let’s do it. Basically the Lehigh loop, but without Lehigh this time, made the loop just a bit bigger. Pavement, doesn’t do much for my soul. I am getting fitter and feeling good so I want the miles, but pavement is a huge trade-off. Easy effortless miles for sure, but the pounding does beat up the legs a bit. I had a good ol’ time out there, but it’s not so free and easy like running on the trails. Water is still rolling out from everywhere, melting snow.

And ten miles on the bike with the commute to and from work.

Neighborhood Pavement

7.7 mi. – 1:09 – 670′

Monday. New week. New motivation. Wanted to run, but really didn’t want to embrace the slop. The trails are sloppy with snow and mud and slush and water and I often love that stuff. But not today. So after work I eased around the pavement of the Lehigh/Greenbriar loop out and back. Around four miles I had to hit the trail for a few hundred yards just to find a discreet place to pee, but quickly got back on the pavement. I was only looking for easy miles and I ran pretty spaced out. The monotony of the pavement.

Also did the ten miles on the bike to slave it for the man.

Woods Quarry

5.2 mi. – 1:18 – 900′

Got out in the slop with Jay for a nice Sunday morning run after seeing the kiddos at an Easter egg hunt. Just a little trot up to Woods Quarry from Kohler Mesa. The time shown includes at least ten minutes of standing around at the quarry. The views are too good, and the conversation is always good with Jay. Rolled down Skunk Canyon and by the bottom it was a total slopfest, slush, water, mud. That snow was almost water when it fell, and now water is gushing everywhere. That’s a twenty mile week, fifty less than last week.